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During the 1800s, industry in North Caldwell was centered around the Green Brook, where bark mills, grist mills, and saw mills were operated by Peter & Thomas Speer, Thomas Sindle and his progeny, the Sanderson family. Sindle's Grist and Saw Mill (referred to as "the lower mill") was located on West Greenbrook Road (next to our current driving range and practice facilities). The Sanderson Turning Mill (referred to as "the upper mill") operated until 1913 right below the current site of the 8th tee. This mill platform is still visible to golfers today.

The Oliver Dawson Grist and Saw Mill also shares a close connection to Green Brook Country Club as Dr. Oliver Dawson, the very first mayor of North Caldwell, resided at the current site of our clubhouse. When Dr. Dawson moved to Texas in 1907, it created room for a golf course.

Course Architect Robert White, originally from St. Andrews, Scotland, designed and built more than 100 golf courses, incorporating classic features Seth Raynor and Charles Banks were also known for. White and Raynor even worked together in designing and building North Shore CC on Long Island. Besides golf course architecture, Robert White also frequently served as golf professional and superintendent at several golf clubs including Myopia Hunt Club, Wykagyl Country Club and North Shore Country Club. This led him to be a founding member and the first President of the PGA of America in 1916.

Mr. White completed the first 6 holes at Green Brook by the end of 1922 and all 18 holes were ready for play in 1923. Harry Smith, who helped Robert White build the golf course, served as Green Brook Country Club's first Golf Professional and Superintendent.